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Our Mission

We honor frontline healthcare and hospitality workers of the pandemic by providing evidence-based rest and recovery tools to mitigate the stress and trauma caused by the extended fight against COVID-19.

We partner with healthcare institutions, the hospitality industry, and community-based mental health organizations to support personal and professional restoration, well-being, and growth.

We believe RNRnR is also an innovative pathway to address the longstanding issue of burnout in healthcare professions.  

The Program

• A supportive network to assist awardees in accessing integrated evidence-based interventions and wellness services beyond the RNRnR retreat.

• A 2-3 day R&R retreat for rest and recovery in a variety of quintessential settings offered by the RNRnR team in collaboration with Maine’s hospitality and tourism industry.

• An evidence-based, trauma-informed program for personal and professional development of RNRnR awardees (as well as their guest, hospitality partners, and hosting community). 

• An economic infusion to local hosting communities as awardees benefit from their lodging, meals, activities, tours, and wellness services.

• Collaborations with research institutions to improve the state of knowledge about trauma, burnout, wellness, and professional growth in frontline healthcare professions.

• An artist-designed, limited edition recognition award for frontline healthcare workers honoring their sacrifice and service.

Our Vision

• A society with strong networks of caregivers, hospitality workers, and communities with expanded, integrated mental health capacity.

• An evidence-based program for post-traumatic growth.

• Nursing culture is transformed to care for the caregivers and integrate self-care skills throughout the frontline.